Xeres Cloudbreaker 5th

Contempter Commander Strand:
Weapon cooldown -10%, crew attack +1, crew defense +1
Has recently been payed to serve you.
Loyalty +3, expires in 25 days.
Steady Under Pressure:
When taking hull damage, all cooldowns -30% for 10 seconds.


Com. Spatialis Hifalia, SN 2nd Grade (discharged)

Former Space Marine:
Crew attack +1, crew defense +1
10% better prices for trade goods
Steady Under Pressure:
When taking hull damage, all cooldowns -30% for 10 seconds.

ClAIr 03-p-glassmade

Resident AI:
Fleet processing power +2.
Can't change ship.
Can't be killed by enemy boarders.
Can't lead boading crews.
Warship Configuration:
Weapon cooldown -10%, hit chance +5%.

Hyperspace Admirals Presskit
Hyperspace Admirals is a fleet-based space opera roguelike for PC, Mac and Linux due to be released in 2017. The player commands an evolving armada of spaceships, manages a dynamic fleet ecology, explores a procedurally generated galaxy and most likely faces bitter defeat along the way. The game is set in a sci-fi universe inspired by the works of Ian. M. Banks.
Hyperspace Admirals began with Rann encouraging Stefan to start working on their own game, after they had exhausted the possibilities of FTL modding with the extensive overhaul mod “Captain's Edition”. The team strongly believed that game studios would eventually start to iterate upon FTL's genre, and that the insight they had gained into FTL through modding would allow them to compete in said genre. Development of Hyperspace Admirals began in January 2015 and the game was formally announced in July 2015 with the launch of the game's micro site. The game is currently in an early prototype stage and it's beta phase is planned to begin in early 2016.
Planned Features
  • Tactical fleet engagements in pausable real-time with dozens of ships involved
  • Fleet officers are shaped by the unfolding events through emergent traits
  • Free roaming in a galaxy with hundreds of possible events
  • Procedurally generated spaceship loot
  • Wide variety of game modes and difficulty settings


There are currently no trailers available for Hyperspace Admirals. Check back later or contact us for specific requests.

There are currently no  official screen-shots available for Hyperspace Admirals. You can consult the media section of this page to see some work-in-progress images of the current prototype.
Selected Articles
  • "A Serious Promotion From Captain To Admiral"
      Brian Rubin, spacegamejunkie.com
Monetization Permission

Sleeper Games allows for the contents of Hyperspace Admirals, including Beta footage, to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.
Hyperspace Admirals Credits
Stefan Widany
Game design & Business, Sleeper Games
Rann Lifshitz
Development, Freelance
Tomasz Bachmiński
Development, Freelance
Ole Toense
Sound Design, Freelance
Enrico Stenzel
Sound Design, Freelance

Buisiness Inquiries/Press
Inspired by ()Presskit
Distributed team
Based in Leipzig, Germany
Planned Release:
Second half of 2017 (?)
PC, Mac, Linux
Regular Price: